Rescop Academy

"Human behavior flows from three main sources:
Desire, emotion, and knowledge"
- Benjamin Franklin -

Rescop Academy can help you improve human behavior in environments subject to medical regulations. Rescop Academy has experienced trainers, who still work in practice, to help you increase the right knowledge at the right time.

Therefore Rescop Academy can provide you with a broad spectrum of regulatory compliance training, which is available as off-the-shelf courses. Other possibilities are to request a training customised for your organisation and needs, and to request so-called hybrid training.

Choosing for a hybrid training means you configure your own training by selecting only those subjects from of our standard modules which are relevant for your organisation. Another possibility for hybrid training is to introduce your own case or practical situation in the training, instead of using the standard Rescop case.

Rescop Academy has the following five key principles:

  • One can only learn by doing and therefore we use as much cases and practical assignments as possible
  • Each training will be given by subject matter experts who work in practice
  • We value personal and practical guidance and therefore have a maximum of six (6) trainees per trainer and twelve (12) trainees per training
  • All training material will be presented digitally in a green and lean way
  • We are happy to answer questions to help you use the training material in practice; also after the training