Rescop Academy Workshops

Rescop Academy Workshops

“People love chopping wood.
In this activity one immediately sees results.”

- Albert Einstein -

Rescop Academy Workshops are meant to train small groups on a specific detailed subject in within an actual work setting.

This means that work from practice will be included as material within the workshop and is actual worked on during the training.

Each Rescop Academy Workshop is setup in the same way:

  • Introduction of the theory about the detailed subject
  • Execute your actual work while being guided by our senior trainer
  • Continuous feedback on the execution of the work

Rescop Academy Workshops are available for as little as one half day, but we recommend to plan a series of workshops, because we know detailed tasks need more guidance than just one half day.

By planning a series of workshop sessions with a short interval time (one week), we can better assure that the trainee will learn how to execute the detailed task in daily operation, as well as on the case used during the workshop. Our trainer will review the executed work in between the workshops and will give detailed feedback during the workshop itself.

Rescop Academy delivers Workshops in the following subjects: