Requirements Specification Workshop

Requirements Specification Workshop

Every system, product, and process starts with requirements. And still it is experienced as very difficult to create clear and measurable requirements.

This workshop will guide you through the process of defining SMART requirements for one of your own systems, products, or processes. Therefore it is not only training, but will also lead to a usable deliverable.

"If you can't explain it simply
You don't understand it well enough"
- Albert Einstein -
Requirements Specification

Requirements Specification

The day starts with a 1 hour introduction of the theory and some examples of SMART User Requirements or User Stories, and the introduction of the Rescop method for defining requirements from the root of the process. After the theoretical introduction, a workshop approach is taken to define all information for an actual system, product, or process.

This workshop is available for groups at our training facility in Breda (NAC, Rat Verlegh Stadium), or at your own location.


  • 1 Day