GxP Training

What is a GxP, what are the different GxP’s, why are they available and why do you need to be compliant? What can be the impact for your organization?

Rescop has developed a training to teach you the fundamentals of the different GxP backgrounds and applicable legislations. During this training you will learn the specifics of the different GxP’s. This training combines the theory with exercises to simulate the practical implementation.

The training is suitable for people who need to be aware of GxP’s. This GxP training will take 1 or 2 day’s.

The GxP Foundation training can be booked in our Open Classroom Schedule at one of our training locations, or as an In-Company training at your location.

GxP Foundation

The GxP Foundation training will include the explanation of the different GxPs, the backgrounds and applicable legislations, all combined with the practical experience of our trainers and best practices from the industry. To make it more interactive exercises and cases are included.

The foundation training is setup to teach trainees the basics of GxPs.

Topics regarding GxP Foundation will be discussed, like:

  • Which types of GxPs do we have?
  • Why do we have the GxPs (backgrounds)
  • Applicable legislations
  • Do you need a QMS and why?
  • Roles and Responsibilities in GxPs
  • Impact to your organization
  • Exercises and cases

Program GxP Foundation

Day 1

  • Module 01 – Welcome & Introduction
  • Module 02 – Legislations and Backgrounds
  • Module 03 – Introduction GxP
  • Module 04 – Good Laboratory Practices
  • Module 05 – Good Clinical Practices
  • Module 06 – Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Module 07 – Good Distribution Practices
  • Module 08 – Quality Management Systems
  • Module 09 – Good Documentation Practices
  • Module 10 – Data Integrity in GxP

GxP Game

Since GxP Background are pretty boring and hard to digest, Rescop has developed its RC GxP Game. By playing this game you will learn the GxP backgrounds in a more interactive way. The game is setup to teach you the backgrounds by proving lectures during the game and answering questions moving forward. The game can be played with individuals or with teams (max 20 people). GLP, GCP, GMP, GDP as well as background, legislations and Data Integrity are included. Participants are challenged during discussions and learn that between the back and whites there is a lot of grey.

Duration: 1 day