Creating Test Scripts Workshop

Creating Test Scripts Workshop

"No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right
A single experiment can prove me wrong"
- Albert Einstein -

The above quote from Albert Einstein shows the most important reason for testing. Testing is not meant to prove you have developed a 100% correct product, but to find the most critical errors in a system.

Therefore it is very important that test scripts are not written based on the actual delivered system, but based on the critical requirements of the system and the highest risks involved.

Rescop has developed a 6-step method for defining test cases and creating the actual test scripts. This workshop will guide you through this 6-step method using one of your own systems. Therefore it is not only training, but will also lead to a usable deliverable.

The day starts with a 1 hour introduction of the theory and some examples of Verification testing, and the introduction of the Rescop 6-step method for defining tests. After the theoretical introduction, a workshop approach is taken to define a real test case and script for an actual system.

This workshop is available for groups at our training facility in Breda (NAC, Rat Verlegh Stadium), or at your own location.


  • 1 Day