Classroom training

Rescop regularly provides classroom training and workshops for employees and inspectors within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.
The trainings and workshops can be given worldwide in various languages, including Dutch, German, English and Polish.

A big advantage of the classroom training is that you can register individually. Our training courses make the theory practical. There are discussion possibilities so that insights from different companies can be shared.

Trainers at Rescop Academy remain closely involved in practice through the combination of training and consultancy assignments. The latest developments are thereby included in the training. With our training courses and workshops, you will remain up to date with the latest developments.


Hans Strik – Vivenics

Some while back I’ve started a new job which also included activities related to qualification and validation. However, I only had limited knowledge of the activities required to qualify and validate a product in the right way. To extend my knowledge, I’ve followed a Classroom GAMP 5 Practitioner training with Rescop. During this training, a highly skilled trainer explained the terminology and activities in GAMP 5 and Validation. The good mix of theory and practice helped me to understand the aspects of qualification and validation so I can use it during my day-to-day activities.